There really isn’t a wrong way to fill your itinerary when it comes to a typical holiday in Mexico. You’ll no doubt be eager to visit some of the country’s majestic beaches and sample its world-famous cuisine. But what better way to spend your pesos than by exploring the country’s captivating past at the sites that have had such an influence on modern life as we know it? If you’re wondering where to find the sites that best detail Mexico’s history, read on.


Chichen Itza

It’ll come as no surprise that Chichen Itza – home to one of the wonders of the world – headlines our list of Mexico’s prime historical sites. The name “Chichen Itza” will probably ring a bell, but the picture you’ll be most familiar with from this part of the world is of El Castillo – the storied pyramid that peaks 79 feet high and has 365 steps. It remains one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.


The pyramids and temples that are left standing here represent a culture that was shrouded in mystery but made countless valuable contributions to humanity. Upon visiting Chichen Itza, you’ll get a sense of the gravity of the region and gain a greater appreciation and understanding for the mark that this fascinating culture left behind.



Around 50 kilometers northeast of Mexico City, you’ll find Teotihuacan – an archaeological complex that’s home to some of the most impressive pyramids and ancient structures in the Americas.


While its origins remain something of a mystery, it was once the largest city in the Western Hemisphere, and its scale remains evident to visitors who experience it up close. The questions that surround this transfixing region are certainly part of what makes it so intriguing to tourists and historians alike. Lots of the complex has been excellently preserved and detail the engineering skills of a pre-Aztec society, so don’t miss out on a trip to this ancient gem on your next visit to Mexico.


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The ancient Maya city of Uxmal remains one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico. Here you’ll find an abundance of ruins with thousands of years’ worth of stories to tell, that embellish the viridescent vistas seen for miles around. It’s thought that the town could’ve been inhabited as early as 800 B.C., and excavation work done in the 19th century has left the remaining temples and towers in an excellent state.

The town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996 and continues to attract visitors the world over. Located around 80 kilometers from Yucatán’s state capital, Merida, a day trip to the Maya ruins of Uxmal is certainly worth adding to your itinerary.


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Discover Mexico’s Rich History

South America is full of fascinating historical sites that depict a bygone era, and Mexico is home to its fair share. Wherever you base yourself on your holiday, you’ll never be far from an important site and another opportunity to learn more about Mexico’s rich history. The only question is, which of these beautiful spots will you visit first?